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There are two sides to Domestic Violence, one that has been the subject of abuse, and one that has been accused. Regardless of which side you are on, an attorney experienced in litigating Orders of Protection is important to explain what legal rights you have to best protect your self both now and in the future. At Lake Munro, our attorneys work hard to protect our clients in domestic violence cases.

For abuse victims, we are committed to helping them find safety for themselves and loved ones. The best way to achieve this is to obtain an order of protection from a judge. For clients who have had an order of protection filed against them or have been accused of abuse, knowing your rights, and having someone to stand by you in court is rarely more important.

If you are in immediate danger, it’s important you seek help from a law enforcement official. Such a person can help you ensure you remain safe while you begin your legal action.

Our domestic violence lawyers are knowledgeable in all aspects of this legal action and can effectively guide our clients through the process regardless of the circumstances.

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What Is a Restraining Order in MO?

A restraining order is a legal document that protects an individual or family from an alleged abuser. This document works to protect the abused from further contact with their abuser. Anyone who feels as if their personal safety is in danger can seek a protective order.

You can seek a restraining order from:

  • A family member
  • A current or former romantic partner
  • A current roommate
  • A person who is stalking you
  • A person who has assaulted you in the past
  • A person you share a child with (regardless of relationship status)

How Do I File a Protective Order in St. Louis County?

Additionally, a law enforcement official can request an emergency protective order that goes into effect immediately after it is granted.

A more permanent type of restraining order will only be granted after a formal trial has taken place. This allows both sides to present their side of the story and the judge to rule in favor of what is believed to be the most just outcome.

Our domestic violence attorneys in St. Louis will aggressively advocate for your position and present compelling evidence to support your side of the situation.

Types of Restraining Order

Depending on the circumstances, there are different types of orders the judge may grant.

These orders are:

  1. Ex Parte Orders of Protection: If there is evidence of an immediate threat to the petitioner, a judge will grant this order instantly. The term ‘ex parte’ means that a judge bases their decision on the petitioner’s information without the input of the alleged abuser. This order is commonly granted before a hearing date to prevent the alleged abuser from encountering the petitioner.

If the petitioner and alleged abuser live together, the alleged abuser will need to vacate the premises or provide alternate housing for the petitioner while the order is active. This order can last up to 2 years.

  1. Full Orders of Protection: Like an ex parte order, a full order of protection may last for up to 2 years. However, if the alleged abuser violates the terms of the order two times or more or there are prior restraining orders, the judge can grant this order for a maximum of 50 years.

Helping You Regain Your Safety

Lake Munro is here to help you free yourself and your family from a domestic violence situation. We understand the emotional toll this can have on all parties involved and will protect your rights.

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