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While estate planning allows avoidance of the probate process, if an individual dies and owns assets without a designated beneficiary, the estate will need to go through probate for the “unfreezing” of assets. This legal process can be costly and time consuming if you do not know how to properly undertake it, particularly if guardianship issues arise. For these reasons and more, it's important to have an experienced St. Louis probate attorney from Lake Munro, by your side.

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At Lake Munro, our probate lawyers in St. Louis are ready to work with executors who are named or appointed by a probate judge to settle an estate.

If you are facing the probate process, we can help you with issues related to:

  • Asset gathering and identification
  • Creditor notification and payment
  • Stock and property liquidation
  • Individual and estate tax filing
  • Asset distribution among heirs based on will or Missouri law of intestacy

It is important to note that Missouri law recognizes a “small estate.” In the case of a small estate, the probate process is not nearly as intrusive as a regular estate. We are committed to understanding if your estate can fall under that designation so that we can implement the most efficient possible strategy for undertaking the probate process.

Additionally, our St. Louis probate attorneys can look at categorization of property and help you take action to minimize any taxes when possible. We can aggressively advocate in court should the need for probate litigation arise.

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